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Good listening skills are essential to creating the product that's

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In 2003, a well-known company in Peoria, Illinois was set to close its doors. With 32 years of experience in graphic design and printing, founder, Greg Owens recognized that there was soon to be a need in the area. Armed with the knowledge of what was currently offered and what should be offered, he decided to do what he thought was right: offer high quality design and product at reasonable prices. Not to sound like a large chain store, but it’s true. And the best part for him? It was way more fun than working for someone else. And anyone who knows Greg, knows he is a fun guy, which is why he has hired fun people to work with him. And you, our client, work directly with them. When you call us, we answer. Not an automated system.


The staff at Owens Design Group are very diverse in their areas of expertise. We hire only the smartest, most creative people. Trust us…they’re pretty good, and our clients think so too. With over 85 years experience, we have your needs covered. We are fast, fun, and best of all, friendly!


Whether you are working on signage, a new logo, a marketing campaign, large event or even party invitations, our goal is to knock your socks off. Well, not literally, because, to be honest, we’d rather spend our days designing instead of cleaning up socks, but you get the idea. No project is too big or too small. All we ask is that there is open communication. If that is there, we can achieve exactly what you want.



Greg knows how to do it all–production, design, sales–and people love him! He’s easy going and funny (we aren’t just saying that). His goal is to make sure that you get exactly what you need and you feel good about the finished product. Greg has created a bit of a “Cheers” atmosphere at Owens Design Group. When customers walk through the door, they feel comfortable and he makes sure that he and his entire team take the time to get to know each of their customers personally. Greg doesn’t just treat his customers well, he values his employees. Just ask any of his employees about the ODGeez awards at the annual Christmas Party!




Todd started his career as a Stripper. No seriously, as a stripper. For those of you not in “the industry,” a Journeyman Film Stripper was nicknamed a Stripper. Can’t you just imagine these big burly guys drinking a beer at the bar with their buddies when someone asks what they do? And their response is Stripper? If only we could have been a fly on that wall! Since his “Stripper” days, Todd’s career has moved towards Production Design. Give him any design and he can take it from individual pieces to a finished product in no time. Did we mention how good he is at it? He went from the days of being a “Stripper” and looking good himself, to making sure that you look good by having an excellent design and completed product on time.




Andy went to school for Art Education. Let him “School” you in design. Wow. That was a horrible pun. That’s one thing about the team at ODG, someone always has a bad joke. The “Dad Joke” Variety. And who doesn’t enjoy laughing when working on a project? It makes it that much more enjoyable. From nuclear reactor manuals to billboard designs, Andy can take your ideas and turn them into reality. He is ahead of the trends and can make sure that your design is cutting edge. But what we like most about Andy is that he is so versatile. All you have to do is tell him what you are looking for and he can convert that thought onto paper and get you exactly what you need. And he’s excited to do it! You’re never just a job number to Andy. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who actually cares about you and your project?




Libby joined the ODG team as an intern in 2015 and came on full time after she graduated from Northern Illinois University in May of 2017. She may be the quietest of the group, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a comeback waiting. She’s pretty funny. For clients that know what they want, Libby is your girl. She is able to translate your thoughts into design. She’s like a mind reader, but not the creepy kind with the magic ball. More of a “That’s exactly what I was thinking” kind of mind reader.  At least that’s what people say when they see her finished design.




Sarah, Greg’s favorite oldest daughter, joined the team just this year and is the marketing guru. With 15 years of corporate marketing experience, if you aren’t sure what you need just give her your idea and she will put together a package tailor made for you. She’s really good at helping you see everything you didn’t know you needed. That’s why she was nicknamed the “Princess of Possibilities." She’s kind of like your Fairy Godmother. If you can dream it, she can help to make it happen. Well, with a little help from the ODG design team. Have a deadline and you were a poor planner, so you need something ASAP? Call her—she has connections. Her Dad. Not only is she dedicated to ODG, she also won the 2017 Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year for her very consistent and enthusiastic level of participation in Chillicothe Chamber events. We’re lucky to have someone so committed to helping our hometown grow.





Sarah Sights

"Princess of Possibilities"


Libby Rutan

Voted "Best Female Designer" by ODG 2015–2017


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